Why we jump

i guess basically peacefull is the best way to describe it, if i have a bad day and im upset about something the one thing that i can count on as soon as i leave an aircraft all that is gone and im stuck in that second moment of free fall, and its never failed me, i guess thats it. to me freefall is happiness. 
-Greg Rau

ive been asked this question so many times
why do i jump?
i lost my father to a skydiving accident
people are so flawed that there like
i cant believe you still jump
and im like you know what
when was the last time you felt alive
does going to work and sitting in a cubicle
for 9 hours a day make you feel alive?
does going to the bar and getting drunk make
you feel alive. i can say i feel alive
every day of my life jumping out of airplanes
its a part of me, ive been jumping since i was 4 years old
i need it. and when my father died people said you know isn’t that
trajic, no its trajic to get killed by a drunk driver or died
hooked up to a machine, if you’re doing something you truly love
and is a part of you, then is it truly trajic, i mean ill jump
i dont have a death wish, im as safe as possible, and i preach safety
i think its pretty similar to crossing the street, as long as you check
before you cross the street it can be a safe sport.

-Rook Nelson


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