The Jump That shaped my goals

Back in 2009 i Jumped over Lake Taupo NZ this was one of the most terrifying and peaceful experiences i have ever had. It was above and beyond anything i have ever experienced before and i wish to spend my life doing this every day.


Dan Vicary World first at Lovers Leap Nz

On Thursday, 7th November 2013, wingsuit pilot Dan Vicary opened a new exit point from Lovers’ Leap in Glenorchy, New Zealand. This exclusive video follows the preparation and delivery of a world first.

Following in the footsteps of Red Bull NZ legend, Chuck Berry, Mr Vicary originally base-jumped from this same location in 2009, opening his parachute after 2 seconds. He has spent the last 4 years jumping fulltime and waiting for wingsuit technology to progress to enable him to return and open the area for wingsuiting.

Located in the South Island of New Zealand, Lovers’ Leap is a highly technical BASEjump with the exit point 650 metres above the valley floor. It features a short ‘rock drop’ of only 4.5seconds or 110m, by which time the wingsuit must be flying forwards; followed by a sharp right turn to avoid a ledge. It is not for the faint hearted. However, those who dare are rewarded with a spectacularly visual flight through some of the most picturesque terrain New Zealand has to offer.

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Why we jump

i guess basically peacefull is the best way to describe it, if i have a bad day and im upset about something the one thing that i can count on as soon as i leave an aircraft all that is gone and im stuck in that second moment of free fall, and its never failed me, i guess thats it. to me freefall is happiness. 
-Greg Rau

ive been asked this question so many times
why do i jump?
i lost my father to a skydiving accident
people are so flawed that there like
i cant believe you still jump
and im like you know what
when was the last time you felt alive
does going to work and sitting in a cubicle
for 9 hours a day make you feel alive?
does going to the bar and getting drunk make
you feel alive. i can say i feel alive
every day of my life jumping out of airplanes
its a part of me, ive been jumping since i was 4 years old
i need it. and when my father died people said you know isn’t that
trajic, no its trajic to get killed by a drunk driver or died
hooked up to a machine, if you’re doing something you truly love
and is a part of you, then is it truly trajic, i mean ill jump
i dont have a death wish, im as safe as possible, and i preach safety
i think its pretty similar to crossing the street, as long as you check
before you cross the street it can be a safe sport.

-Rook Nelson

RIP Ludo and Dan

Id just like to start my blog by giving my condolences to the families of those who have passed away due to the sport. 
Recently Kiwi Dan Vicary and Extreme sports cameraman Ludo Woerth along with another jumper have died due to an accident in the Swiss alps. This is a tremendous loss as 3 of the worlds best wing suit flyers have now moved on. Ludo was considered one of the best, and in my opinion his flying skills surpassed those of the ones he was recording, not only did he have to fly himself but get the perfect shots of those flying with him, and he always did. Rip my brother you will be missed x

Freedom Through Flight